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Enterprise name: Xianyang Rambo machinery co., ltd

Address: Qin dou science and technology industrial park, in the west west road, Xianyang city, Shaanxi province

Tel: 029 - 32021818

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  Several decades of trials and hardships, the company has experienced  twists and turns, full of pungent

  Acid, in exchange for today's achievements and brilliant.

  Xianyang Rambo machinery co., ltd was established in 1996, is the  earliest for China

  The enterprise of the computer embroidery machine supporting rail  vice, and the Chinese computer embroidery machine enterprise wind

  Rain in the same boat, through hard work, the enterprise from more  than 10 people, development to now 200

  The small and medium enterprises of more than 100 people; The product  is by the simplest head guide, drive guide

  Developed to now " linear precision guide rail vice series products  "; By a single

  The computer embroidery machine industry has developed to electronic machinery, automation, imaging scope, work

  Industry robot and other industries, become the domestic production of " linear dense guide rail pair" dragon

  Head enterprise, product technology is in the leading level in China. I would like to take this opportunity to feel my heart

  Thanks to the strong support from all walks of life and users, and thanks to the way and the Rambo

  Come and work hard and work hard!

  Rambo, as the leading enterprise of " precision guide rail pair ", counts for decades, relying on the spirit of the craftsmen, relying on the integrity of the customer service, relying on the continuous innovation of technology, relying on the continuous development of new products, at the same time to expand production scale, improve production capacity, constantly strengthen the quality management of enterprises, improve the quality of the whole staff, put quality up in the first, relying on the quality competition market, with the brand to win credibility. Adhering to the " innovation management, quality first" enterprise quality concept, adhere to " standardization, institutionalization, sequencing, standardization, refined" management, maintain a good momentum of sustained and steady development.

  Implement brand strategy to promote brand building. In 2011, the company fully implemented ISO9000 quality management, proposed " technology innovation, customer satisfaction, product excellence, continuous improvement" quality management policy, completed the certification of intellectual property right in 2015, adhered to the management policy of " technology innovation, effective control, product excellence, continuous development ", inspected ERP information management system, realized the quality management information, provided a strong guarantee for the stable development of product quality, laid a solid foundation for building the brand of lamb.

  " excellent extreme" is our vision, striving for " precision guide pair" subdivision industry " world first" is our long-term goal. " to tap potential energy saving, reduce the efficiency" is the principle of production management, train senior management talents and technical talents, create harmony, happiness, rich " Rambo homeland ", create" Swan Goose team ", carry forward " love boundless ", building" dual consolidation of advanced units " is the socialist core values and the corporate culture requirements of Rambo.

  " integrity" is the " root" of enterprise growth, " quality" is the " Ben" of enterprise development, I will unswervingly lead the entire staff of the lamb to adhere to the fundamental, change ideas, with the times, against the trend, innovative development, out of a unique style of sustainable development of the city, to build the most high-end domestic " Rambo precision guide rail deputy" production base. Adhere to good faith management, discipline and law, willing to work together with colleagues in the industry, win-win cooperation, to achieve the dream of China machinery manufacturing in 2025 and strive hard.

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